The Bible and Critical Theory is an exploratory and innovative online scholarly journal. The journal explores the intersections between critical theory, understood in the broad sense, and biblical studies. It publishes peer-reviewed articles that investigate the contributions from critical theory to biblical studies, and contributions from biblical studies to critical theory. The journal has an active series of book reviews, which are published with each issue.

As of 2021, the journal’s editors are Robert Seesengood (Drew Theological School, USA) and Rhiannon Graybill (University of Richmond, USA). The book review editor is Caryn Tamber-Rosenau (University of Houston, USA).

Previous editors have included Roland Boer, Julie Kelso, Robert Myles, and Caroline Blyth.

See the Journal’s Statement on Ethics & Publication Malpractice Statement.


Robert Seesengood, Drew Theological School, USA

Rhiannon Graybill, University of Richmond, USA

Book Review Editor

For all matters relating to book reviews, please contact Caryn Tamber-Rosenau (University of Houston) cmtamber@Central.UH.EDU

Editorial Board

William Arnal, University of Regina, Canada

Fiona Black, Mount Allison University, Canada

Laura Carlson Hasler, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Adam Braun, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Jione Havea, Trinity Theological College, Auckland, New Zealand

Eduard Iricinschi, Ruhr University Bochum

Julie Kelso, Australian Catholic University, Australia

Brian Kolia, Malua Theological College, Samoa

Jennifer Koosed, Albright College, USA

Ole Jakob Løland, University of Oslo, Norway

Joseph Marchal, Ball State, USA

Monica Melanchthon,Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity, Australia

TIna Pippin, Agnes Scott College, USA

Jeremy Punt, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Yosefa Raz, University of Haifa, Israel

Peter Sabo, University of Alberta, USA

Hannah M. Strømmen, University of Chichester, UK

Jay Twomey, University of Cincinnati, USA

Taylor Weaver, Independent Scholar, UK