VOLUME 19, NO. 1-2 (2023)



  • Biblical and Africana Maternal Grief: Womanish Resistance to Child Fatalities – Ericka Shawndricka Dunbar
  • Species and Ethnicity in 1 Samuel 15: The Slaughter of Agag and Rejection of Saul – Suzanna Millar
  • Into the Gospel Wilds: Divine, Demonic, and Animal – Jaeda C. Calaway
  • Holy Tricksters: Que[e]rying the Foundational Story of Jesus in Matt. 1:1–18 – Russell Hoban

Books and Culture

  • “I Wrote My Way Out”: Embodied Appropriation, Fan Fiction, and the Book of Esther – Esther Brownsmith

Book Reviews

  • Nicholas P.L. Allen and Jacob J.T. Doedens, eds, Turmoil, Trauma, and Tenacity in Jewish LiteratureJulianna Kaye Smith
  • Terry Eagleton, Radical SacrificeGreg Carey
  • Meghan R. Henning, Hell Hath No Fury: Gender, Disability, and the Invention of Damned Bodies in Early ChristianityC.L. Buckner
  • Joseph A. Marchal, ed. After the Corinthian Prophets: Reimagining Rhetoric and PowerJaeda C. Calaway
  • Gale A. Yee, Towards an Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics: An Intersectional AnthologyLudwig Beethoven J. Noya